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About the Author

Wuqiong Zhao (赵舞穹) is also known as Teddy van Jerry on GitHub.


Wuqiong Zhao (Student Member, IEEE) is an undergraduate student pursuing the Bachelor’s Degree in information engineering, working at Lab of Efficient Architectures for Digital-communication and Signal-processing (LEADS) and National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory, Southeast University. He is the honors student of Chien-Shiung Wu College and earned the National Scholarship and Cyrus Tang Scholarship in 2021. From 2020 to 2021, he also served as the Special Student Assistant to President of Southeast University. He was also nominated as the most influential undergraduate student of Southeast University in 2022. His research interest includes channel estimation, Bayesian algorithms, and the intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) in wireless communication of 5G and 6G. He is also the reviewer of IEEE TCAS II and ISCAS 2023.


Other Open Source Projects

  • AHDW: Parameterized HDL Code Generation (part of the Auto HDW project)
  • Fractal Designer: Fractal Video Making Software (MIT License)
  • SEU-ML-Assign: Southeast University Machine Learning Assignment LaTeX Template