Contributing to mmCEsim

Contributing to mmCEsim is welcome! You may check out the project for remaining issues. You may pick up one and comment below the issue if you want to work on that.

C++ Code Style

The C++ code style is based on LLVM, with additional configuration listed in .clang-format. Please run


to format the code before committing. Appropriate permission is needed. On a Unix (Linux and macOS) system, you may use chmod +x misc/format.

All Repositories

CLI Application

mmcesim/mmcesim - GitHub

The project is configured with CMake, and the role of each folder is listed below.

  • include: C++ Header Files (.h)
    • export: Header Files Concerning ALG Export
    • mmcesim: Files Needed by mmCEsim Binary
      • copy: Contents Directly Copied to Form Generated C++/Python/Matlab Code
      • tex: LaTeX Files for Report Generation
  • src: C++ Source Files (.cpp)
    • export: Class Implementations Corresponding to Those in include/export
  • ext: 3rd Party Resources
    • astyle: Format Generated C++ Code
    • fmt: C++ String Format (Like That in C++20)
    • yaml-cpp: Parse YAML Configuration (.sim)
  • test: Test Files Including CTest Configuration
  • tools: Accompanying Tools (log, compose and maintain)
  • doc: PDF Documentation (Written in LaTeX)
  • bin: Generated Binary Executable
  • misc: Miscellaneous Files

For more information, please refer to the project CONTRIBUTING and Wiki. The Doxygen documentation for C++ is also available.

GUI Application

mmcesim/mmcesim-gui - GitHub

Web Application

mmcesim/mmcesim-web - GitHub

VS Code Extension

mmcesim/mmcesim-vscode - GitHub

Documentation Website

mmcesim/ - GitHub

Other Ways You can Contribute to mmCEsim

Open Issues

You may freely open an issue for bug reports.

Join Discussions

You can also join discussions if you have questions about the use of mmCEsim or about the task-oriented mmWave channel estimation techniques.

Cite Our Works

Please cite our work if you use mmCEsim in your research and/or software. Citations are useful for the continued development and maintenance of this project.

You may view Citation for more information.


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