Web Application

mmCEsim Web app allows auto code generation with mouse clicks on the browser without downloading the whole mmCEsim app. Web app is available at app.mmcesim.org. You may easily host the web app as it is built on docker.

Web App 0.0.1 Demo on Mac

The web app is currently under development.

Pros and Cons


  • No need to download the app which can be large is you want a GUI or TeX Engine or a C++ compiler.
  • Very portable, accessible everywhere with Internet connection.


  • The safety of your design and the generated code is not guaranteed due to my limited web knowledge. So for original contents that are highly confidential, you may consider using the desktop app or host the docker yourself.
  • Due to resource limits, the functions are limited to code generation. So far you cannot use the web app to simulate automatically.

Docker Image

The web app is written using basic JavaScript (with jQuery) together with Node (with Express) calling the CLI app backend. It has been packaged into a Docker container, available on GitHub Packages and Docker Hub.

To use the GitHub package, you can use the command

docker pull ghcr.io/mmcesim/mmcesim-web:latest

To use the image from Docker Hub, you can use the command

docker pull mmcesim/mmcesim-web


Like mmCEsim, the web app is also licensed under the MIT License.