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Find mmCEsim useful to your research? You may consider citing it:

Citation (IEEE Plain Text)

[1] W. Zhao, “mmCEsim: Tasked-oriented millimeter wave channel estimation,” Zenodo, Jul. 2022, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6912824.

  title   = {{mmCEsim}: Tasked-Oriented Millimeter Wave Channel Estimation Simulation},
  author  = {Zhao, Wuqiong},
  journal = {Zenodo},
  year    = {2022},
  month   = jul,
  doi     = {10.5281/zenodo.6912824},
  note    = {doi: \href{}{10.5281/zenodo.6912824}}

In bibtex, the note field may not be necessary. It should only be used when the doi field does not show (for example IEEEtran style).