Task-Oriented mmWave Channel Estimation

The application mmCEsim is a powerful tool to simulate millimeter wave (mmWave) channel estimation (CE) for both experts and learners.

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Welcome to mmCEsim

mmCEsim Documentation & Tutorials in PDF is available for download! Visit pub.mmcesim.org for more publications.

Aims and Targets

We offer a task-oriented simulation software for researchers to focus on algorithms only without being bothered by coding.

mmCEsim Workflow

Development Support


Linux, Windows, macOS.


With CLI Application, GUI Application, Web Application and VS Code Extension, you can easily find your own way of development and research with mmCEsim.

CLI Application GUI Application Web Application VS Code Extension


This software is still being developed.

The documentation is updating from v0.2.2 to v0.3.0. This process can last some time along with the development of the software.